WHAT A YEAR! / by Rosie Walsh


THE MAN WHO DIDN’T CALL - or GHOSTED, in the US and Canada - has hit bestseller lists around the world. Highlights included the German translation - Ohne Ein Einziges Wort - which was number one for several weeks, and GHOSTED in the States, which charted at number five on the New York Times bestseller list. I KNOW, RIGHT?

But alongside this beyond-my-wildest-dreams stuff, I’ve had meningitis (twice) and a slew of other illnesses while my immune system recovers: I’ve spent many months (nearly nine) feeling pretty terrible. It’s been tough: I’ve looked unimaginable success in the eye and genuinely not been well enough to care.

So: a time of incredible asymmetry and - as always - grudging, but tangible growth.

Today, I am well. I’m writing the next book, I’m watching my two year old grow and I’m finally finding time to relive all those crazy good news calls and emails. My book! My precious book! LOOK WHAT IT DID! I will remember this intense, terrifying and wonderful year for the rest of my life.

Thank you, readers, editors, marketeers, publicists, salespeople, designers, copy editors, proof readers, producers, typesetters, agents, sub-agents, translators, friends, family, and those who’ve looked after my health during this time. Writing is a solitary job, but it takes a team of global proportions. I love you all ❤️