My beautiful book jackets / by Rosie Walsh

I am thrilled to to share with you my UK and US book jackets. Two completely different designs for two completely different markets and I love them both. The book is called THE MAN WHO DIDN'T CALL in the UK, and GHOSTED in the US. 

Getting a book jacket right is crucial, and it can often take months. Endless emails are exchanged, long phone calls are made; there are meetings, briefings, brainstorms. Because it really doesn't matter how good your book is - with the wrong jacket, it won't sell.

A good jacket has to work hard. It has to send messages to the right people. It has to let you, the customer, know which books it is similar to, without being derivative. It's got to stand out on a busy supermarket shelf or bookseller's table, but it's also got to perform well on a web page or mobile app. It's got to appeal to a whole host of very different retailers, many of whom have very limited space. Competition for a supermarket slot, for example, is fierce. The jacket must also appeal to hundreds of independent booksellers, each with their own unique approach to selling. And these days it's even got to stand out on social media! In short, it's a huge task, and I am very glad that there are a whole load of clever people who take care of this for me.

Huge thanks to the designers, editors, sales and marketing people, and a million other clever folk in between, who helped us arrive at these designs. You are amazing, and I am in awe. 


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The Man Who Didn't Call High Res.jpg