the man who didn't call

My Big Book News! by Rosie Walsh

Rosie Walsh's new novel, The Man Who Didn't Call


I'm beyond delighted to announce that my next book has been acquired by the brilliant Sam Humphreys at Mantle, an imprint of Pan MacMillan. The book is called The Man Who Didn't Call and it'll be out May 2018. Another book will follow, probably in 2019. 

From the moment I first sat down with Sam, I knew I wanted her to publish this novel. She understood and connected with its emotional core in exactly the same way that I do, and her plans for its arrival into the world - not to mention the energy and enthusiasm of her team - were very exciting. I can see why she's become rather legendary in the industry. And now she's my editor! Lucky me.

For more info on the story, click here

If you're arriving at this page because you've read some of my Lucy Robinson books and are wondering what on earth is going on, then, well, surprise! This is my real name! Sorry I never let on. At first, it was because I was blogging for Marie Claire about life and love, and I couldn't have let my own name get out. Not only would it have been unfair on the men I was dating, but it wouldn't have sat very well with my ongoing work in television, where I  often dealt with very sensitive subjects. Then years passed and I just got used to being Lucy. There didn't seem any point in outing myself as Rosie.

So: why now for the name change? It's quite simple, really. I started writing The Man Who Didn't Call with the intention of publishing it as Lucy Robinson, but the thing took on a life of its own. When I got to about forty thousand words it became clear that this was so different to my Lucy Robinson books that it made sense to publish it under another name. My own!

So, there it is. At the time of writing I'm just about to begin another edit, and then - after all the copy edits and proof reads - I'll take a month or two off to dream up the next one. I'm pretty sure I know what it's going to be, but there are a few other ideas floating around in there too: I want to be certain I'm picking the right one.

Exciting times! Thanks for coming on this new journey with me. I'll have a jacket and some dates to share with you soon.